Conflict with humans - Vervet Monkeys and their Conservation

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Conflict with humans

Conflict with humans

Vervet monkeys come into regular conflict with humans. The flexibility of vervet monkeys enables their exploitation of various habitats,  including urban and cultivated rural environments. Thsi capacity for adapting puts vervets at an advantage relative to more specialist species that need protected closed-canopy forests to survive. On the other hand, they end up in close proximity to humans resulting in a plethora of anthropogenic risks.

There is low human tolerance for pests. Eradication schemes are adopted for population control in some areas. In rural areas vervets are notorious crop-raiders and will often be shot on sight by farmers. In more urban areas they encounter the added risks of cars, domestic pets and an increasingly negative reputation. Contastingly they are also kept as pets.

Adult female with shotgun wounds to the eyes. Shot by farmer in rural South Africa

Orphaned and injured infant vervets pour into sanctuaries as a result of conflict with humans

An incorrect diet in early life can lead to cateracts in pet primates

Pet grivet on a leash

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