Vocalisations - Vervet Monkeys and their Conservation

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Predators include leopards, cheetahs, caracals and other big cats, jackals, snakes, and raptors such as marshall eagles. Humans are also a real predator  for many vervets because they raid crops they are often shot on sight by farmers. Monkeys will respond to a leopard alarm call by climbing to the relative safety of the trees. They will respond to an alarm call for a bird of prey by running underneath  bushes for protection from attack from the air. The youngest members of the group are targetted by raptors and will therefore be kept relatively safe in the centre of the group. They will even "whisper" in response to humans. Where they are killed or  chased for crop-raiding, rather than make a loud alarm call to attract the attention of the human, they will give silent signals and retreat without attracting attention.

Other vocalisations have a social function, communicating different messages to ther group members such as fear, submission as well as a reassuring lip-smacking made during grooming and other social interactions. Babies call to their mothers, individuals  will call out to find the rest of the group. A subordinate member of the group will make a submissive sound to a higher ranked member of the group.

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